Late term Abortion (1)

The Term Abortion

After a women gets pregnant, the first decision she needs to make is whether to have the baby or not.

Although, the answer is yes in most cases, but in some unavoidable circumstances the woman has to go for abortion.

As per reports, it has been found out that, in the U.S, around 2 % women between the age group of 15 and 45, undergoes the process of abortion.

Generally, abortion is done as early as possible, preferably within three months of the baby’s birth.

But, in some circumstances, late term abortions are also conducted.

– What is a late term abortion?

As the name suggest, when abortion is done in the later stages of pregnancy, it is called later term abortion.

Generally, they are conduced between the 14th week and the 24th week from the birth of the baby. If the abortion is conducted within the 20th week, then the surgical procedure of dilation is done.

This process involves injection of medicine, which softens the tissues surrounding the cervix, and then the baby is removed.

If the abortion is conducted after the 20th week, then a medicine is injected into the body, which enters the amniotic fluid present inside the baby, and then slowly kills the fetus.

Late term Abortion (1)IMPORTANT STATISTICS:

As per several reports, late term abortions are pretty rare.

Around 85 percent of the abortions takes place within the first three month of pregnancy.

And only around 2% abortions are conducted after the 20th week, The risk of death associated with abortion increases within time.

If abortions are conduced within 14 weeks of pregnancy, then the chances of death are only 1 in 30000. However, if abortion is conducted after 21 weeks, then the chances of death significantly increases to 1 in 10000.


Late term abortions are conducted only in case of emergencies.

In some cases, after some ultrasound tests, it is found that the baby will be born with some severe, physical defects.

In those situations, late term abortions are conducted. Also, the health of a women may severely degrade in the middle of pregnancy or she may develop some serious disease, which will have an effect on the baby. In such circumstances also, late term abortions are conducted.


In many places,late term abortions are forbidden.

In the U.S, there are around twenty four states which doesn’t allow it.

There are several exemptions to this law obviously.

If it is found, that the health of the mother is seriously effected and her life is in danger, then they allow the procedure.