How a Healthy and Balanced Diet Leads to a Happier Life

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If there was a potion guaranteed to maximize your mood, psychological abilities, and stamina, how would you choose it? You wouldn’t be alone. “One of the fastest growing companies on Earth is the dietary supplement industry,” writes David Lariviere, Forbes health contributor. In 2012, this industry generated about $32 billion from dietary supplements alone. Consuming nutritional supplements has various outcomes for different people, so be sure to consult your dietitian before consuming one.

But since studies show that – literally – what we eat is who we are, new research suggests that what we eat may influence what we’d like to become. If you want a life that is of better quality, it’s best to learn how to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Here are ways a healthy and balanced diet leads to a happier life:

Enhances Energy

When we make healthy eating a daily addiction, our elevated energy levels are demonstrated by our ability to be productive. It would be best if you had a lot of energy to survive the whole day without experiencing fatigue, but indulging in a meal that does not have enough nutrients would not make it. Planning your meal every day can be a great way to benefit from a healthy meal.

Elevates Mood


When you prefer to see life as half full of glass, this improved mood leads to greater creativity, higher productivity, and more energy. To maintain a festive mood, Lee recommends limiting foods like sugar, white wine, caffeine, and alcohol.

Reduces Depression

If you want to shake the blues, don’t hit the ice cream scoop or a dozen donuts. Researchers reported, “When we look at the diets of shady women and men, an interesting observation is that the diets are far from sufficient. They make bad food choices and seek out foods that can trigger depression and other mental ailments.

Improves Learning Capacity

laptopThe learning and mental disorders specialist says, “A nutrient-rich diet creates a fantastic foundation for learning new educational approaches and improving social and interactive behaviors. If you want to be smart and maintain healthy brain function, don’t skip breakfast.

Boost Self-Esteem

A healthy body image starts with healthy eating. Because the brain and body are one, and connected functioning of the body and our brain chemistry is the basis for an inherent sense of health. My experiences and studies emphasize the study of chemicals, nutrition, and the environment in general, and psychological facets.

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